Hogue Monogrip Grips For Taurus Polymer Judge Public Defender

by Scott Enlow

2686I recently purchased a Taurus Public Defender Polymer frame Judge .410/.45 Long Colt revolver. I didn’t like the Ribber grips that came on the revolver so I began searching for some aftermarket grips to fit it. My search was long and unproductive. An email to Hogue was returned telling me that they don’t make a set of grips for this particular firearm. Well, just to clear things up and to help out others that are also in the same boat I was…….the Hogue Monogrip Fingergroove grip model 73000 does absolutely fit the Taurus Polymer frame Public Defender Judge pistol. They require a longer screw than the one that comes with the grips and/or the one that comes in the stock grips. I was able to purchase the correct screw at a local hardware store. It has to be approximately 1/2″ longer than the stock screw. The screw you will need to purchase is a socket head cap screw: size  4mm x .7 thread x 40mm in length. Thats the screw I used. It appeared that a 35mm length may also work. But nothing shorter than 35mm and nothing longer than 40mm.